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What do we do

What do we do
We take you to a next level of understanding and controlling a motorcycle to make you a better and safer rider improving your pleasure of riding.
We teach using racetracks in order to provide controlled and safe conditions in an environment that approximates highway style roadways.
We bring you to feel more confident and comfortable in the approach and negotiation of turns covering most of everything about braking, cornering and acceleration.
We offer learn to ride class and 3 levels of advanced riding skills. (LevelĀ 1, Level 2, Level 3. Each one is 2 – 4 hours duration).
We offer 2 possibilities to take our courses using our school motorcycles and riding gear or using your own motorcycle and riding gear.
We offer you to ride one of our Super Sport, 250CC Bike or MiniGP motorcycle.The prices are adjusted accordingly. (see our price list).
Where and when do we give our courses?

At Elite Speedway Plus Circuit , USJ Subang Jaya, Selangor

We run rain or shine

It might be more fun to ride in dry condition but there is a lot to learn on a wet track.

Most of the riders are uncomfortable riding in the wet mainly because they do not ride often in the wet.

With our advice, it is a very good opportunity to improve confidence and riding techniques in wet condition.

You might want to try riding on a racetrack

If you never rode on a racetrack before and want to try it, we offer you the safest way to experience it: Proper instruction and control with our 10 years of racetrack teaching experience.

You might already participate in Track Days

You might ride Track Day events and have never taken our courses before.

You might be stuck at the same lap time wondering how to improve.

You might want to improve your confidence with speed and make your rides more fluent.

We will help you to improve your track riding using our 3 Level course.

You might want to Road Race

Do you have what it takes?

We will help you to find out and for sure make you a better street and track rider.